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Our Culture

Hosts & stewards of His Presence

We are a community of disciples of Jesus in the city of Toronto, passionate for God's manifested presence. We know that our supreme calling is to love God and experience His transforming love, in order to impart it with the people around us.

The word atmosphere is used in reference to the real and tangible manifested presence of Gods in a place.


Our Mission

Carriers of His Presence

We are ambassadors of Christ, sent to bring a supernatural atmosphere of the Father's love to an orphaned world, to free the oppressed, heal the sick and the brokenhearted, and draw a smile on people's faces with the genuine joy of God.


Our Vision

The heartbeat of our Church

  • Evangelize

    This is the stage of the vision process in which the Church is mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission of going out to announce the good news of the Kingdom to every person. Every member of the Church should be a soul winner. Our evangelism is supernatural because not only do we preach the Word, but we also testify and manifest the power and love of God through miracles, healings, prophetic words and words of knowledge –following the model that Jesus laid out for us. We evangelize using all means available to us, such as: our regular services and events at Church, the House of Peace groups, person-to-person and communication mediums.

    Mark 16.15-18

  • Affirm

    In this stage, we confirm the decision made by the new believer of receiving Jesus and the proper follow-up is given to them until they develop the basic foundations of their new life in Christ and later be able to join a discipleship group. The pastoral care we offer to new believers begins with connecting them with the life of the Church through the House of Peace groups, while accompanying them throughout the process of affirmation, which is: inner-healing and deliverance, and the renewing of the mind, so that their total being is transformed according to the image of Christ; as they continue in their training to become an effective leader in the Kingdom.

    John 17.12, Luke 22.32

  • Disciple

    Once a new believer has passed the affirmation process, they’re later placed under the care of a mentor who teaches, trains, equips, activates and offers pastoral care, in order to foster a continual and constant growth in the individual. A mentor also imparts the DNA of the House and helps the disciple discover and accomplish their purpose and God’s calling for their life. The objective of discipleship is to form leaders to become like Christ, in His maturity of character and power, in order to send them out to carry His supernatural power and expand His kingdom, while being leaders of influence; capable of multiplying their leadership by investing and reproducing themselves in others.

    Matthew 28.19-20

  • Send Out

    When leaders have passed the final stage of being sent, they have already been empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped with the gifts necessary to extend the Kingdom of God. Therefore, leaders are now capable of: 1.) opening a House of Peace group, 2.) starting a discipleship group as a mentor, or 3.) develop in any area of ministry entrusted to them within the local Church. Also, as leaders grow spiritually, they can be promoted and sent as deacons, elders or as ministers according to God’s calling for their lives.

    John 20.21-22, Romans 10.15

Carlos Bonilla

Senior Pastor & Founder

Atmosphere Global Network

One day God spoke to him saying, "Just bring my presence." To this day, Pastor Carlos is passionate to see every person become hosts and stewards of God's glory. As a participant and lover of His presence, Pastor Carlos is longing to see the captives be set free, the sick be healed and the broken hearted with a genuine smile on their face.

Miriam Bonilla

Prophet & Co-founder

Atmosphere Global Network

Prophet Miriam is a woman passionate about intercession and the prophetic. She has built a team of intercessors that cover in prayer 24/7 the ministry, families, etc. She has a strong call from God to tear down strongholds in the spiritual world through spiritual warfare and a voice of authority to restore lives in the areas of inner-healing and deliverance.

Jonathan Bonilla

Lead Pastor

Atmosphere Toronto

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