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Our heart and soul is to introduce and connect every person with the living and powerful God

We create atmospheres in order to reach and lead people to experience a transforming encounter with the presence of Jesus. We believe in purpose. We believe that every person has the God-given potential to become a leader that can make an impact in all spheres of society. Discover your purpose here.

He’s One Step Ahead of You

February 23, 2020

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Experience a life changing message and be filled to live a life with purpose. Discover more messages like this or watch Church Online.

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Come and experience Jesus

We would love to see you, your family and friends at Church. Stay behind for a quick meet-and-greet with our Welcome Team for refreshments.

Sundays 1:30pm · Fridays 7:30pm

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Next Steps

A place to build foundations & discover identity

Build a solid foundation, get rooted and discover your identity in Jesus. Whether you’re new to church or new to faith, we offer pastoral care throughout your experience in Atmosphere.


House of Peace

Build authentic friendships

Join a small group during the week where you can meet and bring new people, build authentic friendships, pray for peoples needs and grow together in the word of God.

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Church Life

A place for everyone

God has a purpose for your life. We are here to help you discover, develop and walk in it. There’s a ministry for everyone at Atmosphere.

Jonathan Bonilla

Lead Pastor

Atmosphere Toronto

From leading youth at a young age to now leading our main location in Toronto, Pastor Jonathan is an inspirational leader, motivational speaker and public figure not only in the local community but in other countries in South America and other provinces in Canada.

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