Light Up – UNLTD

October 2, 2019

Ok, let’s take this back to the start. In 2012 there was an idea to bring all people to one realization; An Unlimited God. But how is that possible? How could we possibly show anyone all of God? We understood that only God himself could do that. So, we did the only thing we could. We invited Him.

After we launched the first Unlimited Conference in 2012, we couldn’t believe what God had in store for all those who desired him to move. We went from experiencing “The Unlimited God”, “Born to be Wild”, “Anointed to the Bones”, “All for One” and now “Light Up.” Everything has led up to this point and there’s still more to go. If there’s one thing that’s kept this event going, it’s your stories. What has God done in your life? If this October is your first time at Unlimited, I can’t help but jump in excitement to see you receive more than you anticipate!

God has called us to a new facet of his character and nature every year. This year he’s calling us to “Light Up”. Light can sometimes feel scary, especially when you’re used to living in dark spaces. What if I told you the sun is about to rise? The Bible says the night is temporary, but Joy comes in the morning! But more than the sun, God is calling the light in you to come out. Can I be the first to tell you there’s light in you? There is something special God wants to pull out of you. A new song of freedom. But this light isn’t for yourself, it’s for someone who needs to see light for the first time.

My only question is this. Are you hearing this call to light? Are you sick of what darkness has done to so many lives? If so, I can’t wait to sing a new song by your side. The only shade you’ll see from then on is the cloud of His presence following you.

Can I ask you to do something? Right where you are, lift your hands and say, “Lord, bring out the light in me.” Repeat that phrase if you must.

I believe right now you’re feeling a shine within you. God is calling you to never again supress that light. You are called to be the lamp on the hill, the light of the world. God hasn’t given up on you. This year’s UNLTD is going to be bright! And it wouldn’t be the same without you! I suggest you bring your own tissue box on Oct. 18-20 because he’s not done with you. He’s just getting started.

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