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Youth & Young Adults

Youth Hangouts

A fun environment for youth & young adults to build strong friendships and meet people like you.

These gatherings are all about getting away from the hustle and to spend quality time with each other. Our purpose for these hangouts are to create a space for our young members and ones to network and get to know people who are passionate about Jesus like they are. We know how necessary it is for young people to form stronger bonds and network with the right people who will take them to grow in their walk with Christ. What better way to connect and be part of the body of Christ than to integrate yourself into our hangouts. Whether you are new to the church or are just curious about how church people have fun, come and join us on our next gathering. We’re waiting for you and we can’t wait to meet you.

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Movie Night

Saturday January 25 @7:00 PM

Admission by Donation (any amount)
Bring your own Snacks & Drinks
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