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21 Days: Breakthrough Fast
Jan 2-22


Week 1 – One meal a day
Week 2 – Fruits & Vegetables
Week 3 – Liquids

Prayer list:

1. Direction & guidance in the spirit for: Personal lives, Family, Ministry, Finances, End time harvest.

2. For the will of God to be done throughout 2019 in every area of our personal lives, our families and in the ministry.

3. For souls and the end time harvest.

4. For us to enter into God’s rest.

5. For the Glory of God to be manifested.

6. For the mission and the vision of the Church.

7. For the pastoral family.

8. For guidance of the countries the Church will reach in 2019.

9. Finances: Personal/Church

10. For the families, for protection, salvation and restoration.


January 2-22


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Toronto, ON
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