Atmosphere Conference | 2021
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Empowering the Church to lead and impact in every sphere of life with power and boldness.

Psalm 85:6 (NIV)

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”

Atmosphere Conference – 2021 –

Atmosphere Conference

Are you ready for the Holy Spirit to cause a resurgence in you, for you to impact your sphere’s of influence? Get ready to be activated, or re-activated, to walk in miracles, signs and wonders.

God placed in our hearts, for this next season, that the Church will experience a great awakening. The children of God will have a ‘Resurgence’ in spiritual gifts, ministries, purpose and, most importantly, a resurgence of souls giving their lives to Christ. God has done it before with previous generations and He will do it again with us. Every crisis in history has served to bring about a moment of opportunity for the church, so that it may resurge and bear better fruit.

“Will you not revive us again” is a yearning desire that has been resounding in the hearts of every believer in this season. After going through a year of lockdowns and social distancing mandates, many Christians have come to feel distant to the things of God or come into a state of spiritual apathy. While others kept their eagerness to serve, many of them feel like the authority and power they once carried has been lost. And others lost a sense of belonging and community. We need revival!

Atmosphere Conference – 2021 –

November 5-7


We’re excited to announce this years’ local and guest speakers. Get ready to receive a fresh impartation.

  • Carlos Bonilla

    Founding Pastor
    Atmosphere Church

  • Jonathan Bonilla

    Lead Pastor
    Atmosphere Church

  • Jonatas Rogato

    Youth Pastor
    Catch The Fire

  • Joel Spiridigliozzi

    Regional Director


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Note: Childcare will only be provided on Saturday (Session 2 and 3). Please add your child(ren) when you RSVP. Small snacks and drinks will be provided.


1290 Finch Avenue West, Unit 25
North York, ON M3J 3K2

We’re footsteps away from Finch West Station.
Free parking available.

Atmosphere Conference – 2021 –

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Atmosphere Conference – 2021 –

4 Years

Join us as we celebrate God’s faithfulness and 4 years of Atmosphere Church making an impact in people’s lives locally and globally.

Date: Sunday Nov. 7, 2021
Time: 11:00am (Last Sessions)

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