The Lunch Box

October 1, 2019

Do you know which Bible passages are my favourite? The common ones. I love studying and researching the passages that seem to be drained of all revelation. I believe God can reveal new things even from the most common scriptures. One of my favourites is the story where Jesus feeds the five thousand in John chapter six.

What if I told you that what catches my eye isn’t the miracle of Jesus, but in-fact the strange little boy that sacrifices his only lunch to provide Jesus with resources for an amazing act. Don’t worry. This isn’t an offering teaching. You can hold onto your wallet.

Notice how the Bible says the boy was carrying five barley loaves of bread and two fishes. Do you know what barley loaves were in Biblical times? Barely loaves were the cheapest of all breads, only the homeless and low-class families ate it. Aside from being low-class food, it was very hard and overly crunchy. It’s clear that this boy and his family weren’t wealthy. It was for this same reason that Jesus suggested his disciples to feed the people. Why would Jesus do that? It was because most of the people that followed Jesus were poor people who couldn’t afford much.

Have you felt that what you have in your hands is merely barley loaves? Ever felt ashamed to share what God has given you because you think others will see it as cheap spiritual nourishment? Are you a leader who’s afraid you’ll never get invited anywhere to preach because you’re carrying cold bread? I want to assure you Jesus is willing to use what you got to do a miracle. To be a miracle for someone else!

In verse 11, Jesus distributes the bread. In this context, the word distribute implies that Jesus broke the bread. The reason why Jesus had to break the loaves was because they were so crunchy, you needed to use force to break them. Can I let you in on a secret? For something to multiply, it must break. I NEEDS to break. You can’t multiply something without breaking it. If you have another whole loaf of bread, it’s addition not multiplication. Friend, God wants to use you to bless many lives, but he can’t multiply what you have unless he first breaks it.

Church, God wants to open our eyes to what we have in our hands. I encourage you not to focus on what you’ve lost, if you needed it you wouldn’t have lost it. All you have is all you need! God is calling you out to open your lunch box. Don’t underestimate the crushing season, it just means Jesus is about to multiply the treasure he has in you.

Glory to God!

Here’s the most beautiful part of this passage. In-fact, I’ll ask you. What happened to the barley loaves while Jesus was multiplying them? Did they remain as barely loaves? I’ll give you a minute…

The bread didn’t just multiply, IT TRANSFORMED! Jesus broke barley loaves to give everyone delicious and fresh bread! Jesus called himself “the bread maker or the baker; The Bread from Heaven. Does a baker like Jesus make cheap bread? Jesus makes the best bread and shares with us. Isn’t Jesus amazing?

Friends, out of your hands will come fresh blessings. Don’t let the enemy steal what God can use. Everything that’s been crushed it bringing forth unprecedented results. I can’t wait to receive from Jesus is going to share through you. What’s in your lunch box?

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