Behind The Illusion

September 15, 2018 in Devotional

I released my very first book this year! Sounds great, right? I definitely believe so. The book is called “The Loss Illusion.” Wondering why? The reason is because this book is mainly about the pain and hurt of the various losses of life. Starting to sound a little depressing now, right? This book isn’t only about loss, but the great and good purposes God reveals in every loss. Sounds insane, right? What if I told you that the losses you’ve faced in your life are no surprise to God? Or that what you’ve been through and currently facing can end in an unprecedented breakthrough and healing! Loss is doesn’t have to make you a loser. Loss can be more gain than you thought. That’s what the book is about.

The word “Loss” doesn’t only refer to losing a loved one. Loss is anything in your life that you no longer have control over, or that has been taken away from you. You can probably think of hundreds of things that relate to that. In 2016 and 2017 my family and I suffered unbearable loss. Loss of financial stability, loss of my grandmother, a criminally charged family member, and badly affected college education. Can you relate?

Life can feel like an unsolvable illusion. Throughout the various tragedies of life, we tend to spend days trying think of why those things happened to us. Like a trick done by a magician, we try our best to think of how they fooled us. We spend so much time trying to solve the trick that we only end up frustrating ourselves, Sound familiar?

God desires to show you that the pain and confusions in your life are all an illusion. It’s not as it seems. God wants to removed the leeches of guilt and anger within you, remove the hate and frustration that so tires your soul. God wants to prove to you that he can give you greater purpose in your pain. The feelings of clickbait will come to an end as you stop chasing the wrong validations and leave behind the hunger of the perfect reason as to why those things happened. The unexplainable cycles of events we can’t escape will have light shone on them.

God is so good. Take it from a guy who struggled to proclaim that just two years ago. God wants to reveal his goodness to you. He’s shown it to me and I’d like you to bask in the same goodness. God is not the enemy in your life. You might be angry with God like never before, and guess what, that’s ok. God knows. God knows how upset you must be. Jesus doesn’t feel offended by your anger, it makes him want to embrace you tighter and reveal his grace more. There’s no issue or loss too heavy for Jesus to handle. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and find out a more in-depth revelation of what it’s like behind the illusion.

Title: The Loss Illusion
Author: Ludwin Funes

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