UNLTD: The Aftermath

February 26, 2023

It’s come to an end

Do you know what makes me sad? Knowing that the Unlimited Conference passed and it’ll be a whole year till the next one. Unlimited is my favourite conference of the year. Every time I attend, I don’t want it to end -that rhymed. If you couldn’t be with us, I want to take this moment to give an aftermath recap of what took place.

I can say without a hint of doubt that God changed lives and restored vital things like identity, wisdom, light, and purpose. The Glory of God descended over us as a thick and palpable cloud. The Lord moved us to deposit a never-before offered worship and shout of “hallelujah!” The tangible presence of God filled the seats before each speaker stepped on stage. God couldn’t wait to minister his children, those who are hungry will be filled.

Session 1

On Friday night, Elder Mike Vaquero from King Jesus Ministries spoke of the various temptations our young generation faces today. Temptations aren’t sin, but they distract us from light God has placed within us. If the devil can’t cause you to trip, he’ll simply keep you distracted. Some of the more common and dangerous temptations we face today are:

  • Sexual immorality
  • Rebellion
  • The Spirit of This Age (hurtful social, political, and corporate influences)
  • A desire to be accepted by everyone
  • The Fear of Man

These temptations and influences keep us from stepping into new levels of spirituality.

Session 2

Pastor Romy Casillas from “The Faithful Remnant Youth” came in powerfully with a message on The Wisdom of God. If there’s one thing we all need its wisdom. How many of us have made not-so-wise decisions? I know I have. We need a generation that cry’s out for God’s wisdom. But, why? Why do we need wisdom so bad? We believe that God raising a young generation of leaders, pastors, ministers, and entrepreneurs. We need God’s wisdom more than ever. Has anyone ever scoffed or laughed at your dreams? Has anyone ever told you you’re too young to start a business or become successful? God’s wisdom is used to show the world that the best is reserved for God’s children. Are you his child? Rise up and launch yourself to the vision God has given you. But don’t forget, God blesses those who serve The Kingdom.

Session 3

Our very own Pastor Jonathan Bonilla came in heavy with a word to light up! God has called us to be light in a broken world. Jesus said he is the light of the world, but we also share in that light. Our light isn’t to judge others or bluntly expose people’s weaknesses. Our light is to guide the broken as their eyes adjust to a brighter future in Jesus. The love of Jesus is like the speed of light, its constant and doesn’t slow down. Jesus’ love for you doesn’t grow or die with your usefulness or failure. His love is constant. God wants to use you to light up your surrounding. Will you respond to the call?

Session 4

Elder Mike shut the place down in our last session with a message of purpose. We are all created with a purpose. Many of us live frustrated and confused because we don’t know why we were put on this earth. We must answer four questions in life:

  • Why am I here? (Purpose)
  • Who am I? (Identity)
  • Where do I come from? (Origin)
  • Where am I going? (Destiny)

Many had their purpose revealed to them that night. Many who were tired began to rest knowing that God had a special purpose over their life. Friend, you’re not useless. You’re not pathetic. God has destined you for a purpose! If you couldn’t attend the conference, it’s not too late. God can reveal your purpose to you where you are. Lift your hands and cry out for a fresh revelation. Don’t quit! Keep praying, worshipping, and serving. Are you ready to discover your purpose? Are you ready to be processed by God? Every purpose requires a process.

Jesus isn’t done with you just yet

The same spirit that ministered to us that weekend is still hovering. Unlimited 2019 was great, but Jesus isn’t done. We pray with all our hearts that those who couldn’t make it can be with us for the next one. Our conferences are not the same without you. We love you! We can’t wait for you to share and commune with us soon. And for all those that received a touch of God, don’t get comfortable. The wave is only getting bigger.

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